Best Ways To Manage Common Fixed Expenses

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When running a business, it goes without saying that expenses (whether fixed or variable) play an important role in both profitability and prosperity. Common fixed expenses such as an office lease, insurance, or subscriptions stay constant over time, regardless of the production levels or sales volume. With this amount being constant, many business owners spend … Read more

Finally, A Way To Make Expense Reports Easy

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First, what is an expense report? An expense report is an itemized log of business transactions that a business reviews and then reimburses an employee the spent amount once approved. Expense reports, regardless of the amount, always have two things in common: 1) they are time consuming and 2) they require meticulous documentation. In a … Read more

Extending Our Free Lifetime Offer

Navigating this uncertain time requires an emphasized focus on expense management, as controlling spend can make all the difference. NachoNacho is here to help by offering free lifetime access to our service.  Here is how we can help: NachoNacho has helped thousands of SMBs take control of subscription spend. We issue a virtual card per … Read more