“Bite into NachoNacho” – David Libby’s User Experience

For years, I have been searching for an app to track my online business subscriptions. What I hoped for – or what I think I wanted – was an artificial intelligence app that would link to our marketing agency’s business account, recognize a subscription, i.e., HubSpot, log it, and keep track of upcoming bills and payments. But no. It’s an impossible ask. Though, I have found something better, NachoNacho.

All along, I thought what I needed was one app to track all of my subscriptions when what I discovered was an application to consolidate all of my subscriptions in one secure place with virtual cards. As important, I have access to an App Marketplace where I can get new subscriptions at substantial discounts. Thanks to NachoNacho, both of those opportunities exist.

I also learned that by setting up virtual cards for each free account, I could set the expiration date on the card so that the vendor will not make me pay for a service that I may not want. It will also trigger the service to work harder to get my expired account active, possibly resulting in offers or discounts that I would not have received if I signed up immediately!

Additionally, I can group subscriptions onto one virtual card. For example, our mobile provider charges various fees for apps, storage, and subscriptions. It’s hard to tell what I’m paying and when. Using NachoNacho, I can bring all of those expenses under one umbrella and have total transparency and control over my spending.

Next up, I will create a new “Buyer” account on NachoNacho and consolidate personal subscriptions with virtual cards. I’m always juggling a lot in my life. App Marketplaces like these are exactly what a busy person like me needs to manage subscriptions, keep our costs down, and have peace of mind.

David Libby is the President of 2pinz, a marketing consultancy for B2B SaaS vendors.