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NachoNacho featured in Leonis’ video

In a recent video, Gabriel Jarrosson, and Leonis Investissement spent time describing their portfolio. NachoNacho is proud to be featured among this list of unique companies within the Leonis family!

How to watch

Catch the video on youtube at the end of this section.

The video is presented in French. For English speaking viewers, click on the settings icon at the bottom of the video window and select the auto-translate option. You may have to select the “French” option before “Auto-translate” appears.

The brief segment on NachoNacho starts at 8:10

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How NachoNacho can help me

NachoNacho offers a B2B SaaS marketplace that provides cashback and rewards on every product listed. We’re adding new products by the week, with many more coming your way soon. Discover and save on subscriptions in our marketplace!

Additionally, NachoNacho is a subscription management platform that helps businesses consolidate and control all their subscriptions within one account. Issue virtual cards per vendor with custom budget and date restrictions, to track company-wide subscription spend in real-time. Easily cancel or suspend cards in one click, ensuring complete control over your spending.

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