NachoNacho Is Now on Instagram!

We’re always searching for new ways to get closer to and communicate better with our customers. That can take the form of update emails, personalized calls by our team members to show new users around the NachoNacho app, and, of course, social media. Our company already maintains Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts, but we’ve just added a new channel for communication and sharing: Instagram!

Our Instagram account gives us the opportunity to reach a broader audience and explore new ways of showcasing new features, telling NachoNacho’s stories, sharing news, and more. We’re excited to use a more visual medium for this, and we’re off to a great start: check out the NachoNacho Instagram page to see a collection of graphics on our buyer pain points, primary features, and how to set up an account with us.

If you or your company uses Instagram, be sure to check us out and give us a follow. The username of our account is @get.nachonacho. To view our account profile, click here.