How to Use NachoNacho’s Marketplace

NachoNacho is now THE B2B SaaS Marketplace for businesses to discover and buy subscriptions, all while earning unparalleled rewards. The marketplace lists a diverse array of products, and continues to grow. Finding the right SaaS products for your project is easier than ever. Users can explore by category, or through a direct search for products of interest. 

How to use the marketplace

The marketplace offers users a view of all available products that can be filtered by category or search. Learn more about each product by clicking on its respective card to learn more about the product and how to interact with it. Products with active offers will be indicated by red text with offer details. Users can subscribe to products regardless of the presence of an offer by clicking on the “Subscribe” button below the product name, on the product’s page. 

Image example: Subscribe to product

NachoNacho automatically sets up a new NachoCard for the product of interest – users can simply plug in custom budget limits and date restrictions and use the card instantly. 

After the first payment is made, the product will automatically show up in the user’s dashboard, and every subsequent transaction will be tracked. 

The B2B SaaS marketplace affords NachoNacho users convenience while discovering the best tools available for businesses. New products and subscriptions are instantly integrated into the existing payment system, offering a one stop experience for managing all subscriptions. Consolidate, control and discover subscriptions within one account. 
Sign up to NachoNacho today to redeem offers on AWS and many more SaaS subscriptions.

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