SaaS Marketplace: Find & Manage Business Software

There’s a need among companies across a broad variety of industries for a go-to SaaS marketplace: one place to find, buy, and manage Software-as-a-Service tools to aid in business operations. It takes a lot to keep things running smoothly: accounting and finance software, tools that automate HR and aid in recruiting/onboarding processes, SaaS for marketing, creative design applications, productivity aids— the list goes on and on. While the specific needs vary depending on the company, the general demand for somewhere that offers all of this in an organized and efficient way cuts across the board.

If this need exists for you and your organization, then you’ve found yourself in the right place. The NachoNacho B2B SaaS marketplace offers a wide variety of SaaS products, from big players like Amazon Web Services, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Norton LifeLock, to awesome new finds like MissingLettr and Ochatbot. You can browse, purchase (with cashback on everything!), and track the payments of all the marketplace products using NachoNacho. Read on to learn more and discover how to take advantage of our marketplace.

Browsing, Searching, and Discovering SaaS on the Marketplace

The NachoNacho SaaS marketplace has a Product Search bar for targeted searches, but it also organizes the marketplace’s products in: 

  • Collections
    • Featured Products
    • Extreme Deals
    • Recently Added
  • Categories
    • Accounting, Finance
    • Analytics, Data
    • Collaboration
    • CRM
    • Customer Support
    • Design
    • Dev Tools
    • eCommerce
    • HR, Recruiting
    • Marketing
    • Office Tools, Admin
    • Photo, Video
    • Productivity
    • Project Management
    • Sales, Lead Generation
    • Security
    • Social Media
    • Testing
    • Website builders

As a marketplace visitor browses, they can click on SaaS product pages to view more detailed descriptions, learn about key features, see cashback amounts (often reaching 30%), and see user reviews.

Purchasing Through the NachoNacho SaaS Marketplace

Once a user finds a SaaS product on the marketplace they’d like to try out, they can quickly subscribe to it with a NachoNacho account, which takes minutes to set up. They’ll create a virtual credit card for the given product, subscribe, and then have the full power of the NachoNacho subscription app behind their purchase.

As soon as they successfully purchase the subscription, it is fully integrated into their NachoNacho account as a labeled individual subscription, with cost tracking, a continuously updated transaction history, the ability to create and change expiration dates and charge limits, and more. If the SaaS product turns out to be not what the buyer was looking for, the NachoNacho app provides one-click cancellation as well as freezing and unfreezing subscriptions.

Company Account Features

The NachoNacho B2B SaaS marketplace is heavily focused on small- and medium-sized businesses and offers a lot of functionality to optimize for them. Company owners/managers can add employees to their company account and assign them roles (like Admin or Purchaser) with differing permissions on buying and managing company subscriptions. A company account also ensures better organization and records of company-wide SaaS expenses bought from the marketplace (and bought off the marketplace!), and allows consolidation of existing subscriptions to prevent redundant spending. 

Thanks to NachoNacho’s partnerships with our vendors, every single product available on our SaaS marketplace has a significant cashback that goes straight back to you and your company as money to be spent on anything your business needs. And we’re constantly adding new products with new cashback offers; we’re a large and rapidly growing SaaS marketplace, made not just for browsing or reviewing but for everything. Learn more, check out the marketplace, and create a NachoNacho account at our homepage: NachoNacho – THE B2B SaaS Marketplace.