Software Discounts for Small/Medium-Sized Businesses

Small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) deserve all the proper tools they can get- but they don’t deserve to pay an arm and a leg for it. For many modern companies, it can take a lot of software products to run operations efficiently and effectively, and the costs for these products– which nowadays generally come in the form of SaaS, provided via the cloud at a recurring charge rate– can really bite into the budget when it’s all added up. Hence everybody’s always on the lookout for software discounts of any sort to save even a little bit of cash.

Software discounts through cashback

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here at NachoNacho, the B2B SaaS marketplace and subscriptions management platform, we offer over 100 (and counting!) software products for subscription purchase– and every single one of them comes with an exclusive ‘discount’ in the form of a cashback. For many products this cashback is even as high as 30% of the original subscription price! Here’s how you do it:

  1. Set up a NachoNacho account by clicking here.
  2. Connect a payment source (card, bank account, etc.) to NachoNacho.
  3. Create a virtual credit card (“NachoCard”) for the specific vendor on NachoNacho that is offering the reward.
  4. Go to the vendor’s website, create an account, and enter the NachoCard you created when they ask for it.
  5. Just like that, your rewards will show up automatically in your NachoNacho account. Cashbacks are real dollars that you can spend anywhere!

Our biggest deals

While every single product on the NachoNacho marketplace has a cashback, we highlight a collection of ‘extreme deals’ that all offer 30% cashback. Here’s a rundown of these great SaaS offers.

  • Credible, for reviews and social proof
  • DocSales, for sales automation
  • EngageBay, for marketing, sales, and service automation
  • Favro, a cloud platform for collaborative team work
  • Flujo, a communication and collaboration suite for teams
  • Kalysys, for simplifying complex business processes
  •, a database of B2B contacts
  • NordVPN, a virtual private network service
  • Norton LifeLock, for cybersecurity
  • Qebot, a centralized business technology marketplace
  • Saasable, a financial reporting dashboard
  • Sendspark, for driving customer engagement with personalized video emails
  • UserGuiding, for improving the user onboarding experience
  • Visuo, for quickly creating customized marketing videos
  • Wombot, for defending and strengthening online brand reputation

Saving more money with NachoNacho

Just like that, your business has extra money back in your wallet, with new access to amazing software products to keep things running smoothly and boost those sales. But in addition to offering exclusive cashbacks, NachoNacho also helps businesses save money through its subscription management platform, which is set up with the account and automatically integrates any product purchased on the marketplace.
The NachoNacho app puts the business owner in control, allowing easy cancellation and limits on individual subscription, in addition to transaction tracking. Businesses also get an organized method of monitoring and limiting employee subscription spend, and an easy way of consolidating existing subscriptions to avoid redundant spending and save more money. To learn more about how NachoNacho can save you and your company money on SaaS, visit our homepage.