Ad Spending During the Pandemic

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Set to be a milestone year in business and economics, 2020 was quickly derailed by the Coronavirus pandemic. Efforts to combat the outbreak involved physical lock-downs at an unprecedented global scale. The enforcement of stay at home orders sparked a paradigm shift in our approach to spending, both as businesses and consumers. As people began … Read more

Use Business Credit Cards with Added Privacy

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The subscription pricing structure lies at the heart of the SaaS business model. Businesses around the globe look to SaaS subscriptions in order to streamline their workflow and drive productivity, especially in the process of scaling. The growing prevalence of SaaS has been highlighted in Blissfully’s annual SaaS report – indicating an average of at … Read more

What are the benefits of selling software as a service?

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Whether you offer a B2B or B2C product, there are many benefits to selling your product using the SAAS model. In this blog we have highlighted two main reasons why selling your software product as a service is a benefit to your business: Recurring Revenue Scalability While there are more reasons to apply the SAAS … Read more

Evaluating Your Business’ SaaS Spend

SaaS has come to prominence largely because of the sheer convenience of onboarding. With predominantly subscription-based models, accessing the benefits that SaaS vendors have to offer comes down to a simple point-and-click user flow. This process has become so quick and simple that we often don’t pause to evaluate the services we spendon, which tends … Read more

How is SaaS Defined For Users?

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To define SaaS, we must break down the acronym to fully understand the meaning. SaaS stands for Software as a Service, or software that is used to help with business functions. SaaS subscriptions deliver a centrally managed, licensed software product that is typically accessed through a web browser or hosted application. Over time, businesses have … Read more

How To Manage All Your Business SaaS Subscriptions In One Place

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The SaaS model has become the predominant feature of modern business, as these tools enable efficiency and scalability. Such benefits have made SaaS subscriptions necessary for SMBs, whose SaaS consumption has seen a significant year-on-year increase. Blissfully’s most recent Annual SaaS Trends Reports highlights the prevalence of SaaS tools among businesses: Although the value of … Read more

What is SaaS B2B?

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It’s impossible to navigate any news media or business conversation without hearing the terms “SaaS” and “B2B”; often paired together. The ubiquity of these terms comes down to their global implementation. Regardless of company size, most business technology today follows a SaaS model. So what does this mean, and why is it tethered to the … Read more

The Benefit of Managing All Subscriptions in One Place

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As part of the management team of a small business, keeping track of your company’s SaaS expenses is an important, but mundane, task. To make tracking more complicated, the larger your team is, the more software is being used to accelerate growth through the increase of productivity across all business units. In the United States, … Read more

How To Activate A Credit Card

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If you’re researching how to activate a credit card, you’ve acknowledged the benefits of using credit for business transactions by now. Thankfully, activation is quite straight forward once the physical card is received. Depending on your issuing company, you can either log into your account to activate or call their support team to begin using … Read more

Prepaid Business Cards: Are They Adaptable For Increased Software Spend?

Prepaid cards allow for efficient, centralized management of company spend, offering team members flexibility in subscribing for tools/products such as continued education credits, position related expenses, and even some software products to be used by the team. Empowering your employees to spend using a prepaid business card, in this sense, seems like a win-win for … Read more