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SaaS is the go-to business model in today’s business environment. . While operating on this model brings many benefits to businesses, the ability to leverage these tools across all functions is key to the smooth operation of a number of companies. Small businesses (<100 headcount) in particular need the flexibility in agility in their operations that only SaaS tools can provide. 

Taken from Blissfully's Annual SaaS Trend Report for 2019
Blissfully: 2019 Annual SaaS Trends Report

As seen above, SaaS spend has seen a significant year-over-year increase across small businesses. In keeping up with the recurring demand, most SaaS vendors’ offerings are in the form of subscription services. Although this format brings immense value, the sheer number of subscriptions can be near impossible to track. Employees tend to try new subscriptions, or leave without cancelling their subscription, free trials often rollover unintentionally, and multiple employees often subscribe to the one tool while a single subscription would be cheaper. 

NachoNacho is built to solve this problem with an all in one software that allows you to manage your subscriptions in one place. By issuing a virtual credit card per vendor, you can add subscriptions and track expenses through a company-wide dashboard. Stay on top of upcoming bills, and easily cancel unwanted subscriptions with one click. Just add a bank account to get started!

Each virtual credit card, or NachoCard, adds a layer of security to your payment source, allowing you to make every online transaction with a unique card number. NachoNacho is free forever if you start using the product by August 31, 2020. 
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