Top 7 Collaboration Software Tools

Collaboration software is more important than ever now that the pandemic has forced many physical workplaces to shut down and employees to communicate and work together remotely. Staying on top of things and maintaining the same productivity you had prior to COVID is tough, but the challenge can be overcome (and operations even improved) with the right tools in your hands.

Is your team doing everything it can to make lemonade out of these pandemic lemons? You might need some help along the way, so check out these SaaS collaboration software products, available with cashback on the NachoNacho marketplace, for the best in team collaboration and staying connected with employees and clients.


This all-in-one cloud platform enables collaborative writing, planning, project and organizational work. Favro puts an emphasis on scaling with companies as they grow. This means that it provides simpler, more streamlined functionality for small businesses but leaves the option for complex tools and features open for larger enterprises. Features include team and planning boards, sheets and databases, roadmaps and scheduling, and docs and wiki.


Flujo is all about flow. It’s another communication and collaboration suite, and features natively built messaging, audio/video calling, Drive, meetings, tasks board, calendar, notes, and Kanbans. Specific draws are an intelligent automatic file organizer, the ability to capture minutes directly into team meeting invites for all to see, and smart alerts for team tasks.


This service management tool, created by Freshworks, is geared towards larger enterprises. It has a powerful dashboard for helpdesk and other tasks, a no-code platform for company-specific customization, and AI-powered automation for repetitive tasks.


Ring4 is a targeted collaboration tool: a modern cloud replacement for company phone lines. Facets of the product are a Ring4 Business Admin Console, the Ring4 app, and both audio and video calling. Ring4 shines in saving companies money on communication, providing easy management of phone numbers, and offering features like unlimited calls/texts, call recording, visual voicemail, and a spam blocker.


You can think of Todoist as a turbocharged to-do list. Although many use it for individual task management, it has great collaborative features for teams (and offers a separate product, Todoist Business). Unique features include an activity stream (organized by project or team member), custom views for tasks, productivity analytics and visualization, and pre-built templates for common business tasks like onboarding.


This video chat aims to make communication and collaboration more human by offering a unique interactive, customizable environment (a ‘digital world’) with high-quality video calling, avatars, and the ability to move around and join other video group calls within the environment. All of this is to better recreate the in-person interaction we’d all get in a pandemic-less world.


Billing oneself as the Slack alternative is a tough challenge, but Twist completely surpasses it. This communication software heavily emphasizes the need for more focused, calm work and a better boundary between the time spent working and the time spent away from it. Twist also offers a powerful search function, more organized thread and chat structures, and transparency tools for seeing how decisions have been made in a thread.