Top Help Desk Services and Tools

It’s more important than ever to keep customers happy and satisfied, and having the right help desk platform can make all the difference. Help Desk services can increase the support bandwidth of your customer service team while also improving the overall customer experience. Customer service, collaboration systems, and service management software are all options for your IT help desk. We looked into a variety of support systems available on the market and narrowed the field down to the best help desk services and tools. 


Freshdesk is the gold standard for help desk offerings aimed at smaller businesses. A friendly price and a very easy interface make it an excellent pick. Freshdesk is a cloud-based omnichannel customer engagement solution that provides a platform to help businesses provide exceptional customer service across various channels like email, chat, call, and social media. Freshdesk stands out from the other customer service solutions in the market with its best-in-class AI feature, a wide range of customizations and automations, and most importantly, the industry-first, native Field Service Management features. Subscribe to Freshdesk using NachoNacho and get 20% CASHBACK on all plans forever.


Where Freshdesk is aimed at small business customer operations, its sibling Freshservice targets the IT support needs of larger organizations. With support for advanced features and an intuitive interface, this is a great enterprise IT solution that’s well worth a look. For modern enterprises that seek intelligent service management solutions for their digital transformations, Freshservice is a right-sized solution that can extend digital capabilities and deliver an exceptional employee experience. Subscribe to Freshservice using NachoNacho and get 20% CASHBACK on all plans forever.


Freshchat is a modern, live chat software that helps businesses better engage and delight customers across platforms. With customers always on the move, messaging is the optimal way for businesses to capture and engage these customers. Whether it’s on web, mobile, or social platforms, Freshchat ensures you can always connect with your customers. Freshchat’s automation helps you better engage and impress customers with bots and AI that aims to delight customers and resolve issues faster. Additionally, with targeted messaging users can send personalized and targeted messages to users to ensure you’re keeping them engaged. Subscribe to Freshchat using NachoNacho and get 20% CASHBACK on all plans forever.


Gorgias is considered one of the best helpdesk software for eCommerce businesses. It is a helpdesk software for Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce merchants that allows retailers to manage all of their customer communication and tickets from email, social media, SMS, and phone in one platform. The tool is powered by machine learning and automations and seamlessly integrates into existing tech stacks. Subscribe to Gorgias using NachoNacho and get 15% CASHBACK on all plans forever.


FROGED is one of the easiest ways to improve onboarding, retention, and support processes. Designed to engage users in an easy-to-use platform for Customer Success, Marketing, and Product departments. This tool has been designed to nurture your customers throughout their entire lifecycle. With FROGED you will be able to increase engagement, retention, and reduce churn. Serve your customer’s unique needs with customized email campaigns, a beautifully integrated knowledge base, live chat, and automated messages. Subscribe to FROGED using NachoNacho and get 20% CASHBACK on all plans forever.


Capacity’s AI software automates the entire support workflow, learning from team and customer interactions to continually improve processes and decision making in real-time. State-of-the-art natural language processing ensures that your customers get a personal, human-like experience in every conversation. Capacity’s AI software analyzes each question and interaction and escalates between support tiers as needed. And keep your customers satisfied with provided access to customer FAQs that ensure your users can always find the support they need. Subscribe to Capacity using NachoNacho and get 10% CASHBACK on all plans for the first year.

Chatgen is a hybrid bot chat platform where you can build chatbots of any capability. With Chatgen, you can automate support, internal automation and also automatically convert anonymous site visitors to qualifying leads and also book more meets 24/7″. ChatGen has built a Machine Learning (ML) backed engine that enables businesses to have chatbots that can converse with users. These chatbots aid businesses across functions including: marketing, support, product discovery, and internal automations. Subscribe to using NachoNacho and get 30% CASHBACK on all plans forever.


Closer is a conversational sales platform to bring customers closer to your brand. Features include video calls, text chat, calendar, AI dialogue automation, and more. Top-notch customer service boosts customer satisfaction, works for brand credibility, and makes the customer lifetime value (CLTV) higher. Closer covers those areas by mixing all forms of the rich media communication platform, such as text, audio, and video chat. It is a complete toolset for any customer service team. It gives your customers the broadest range of communication methods. They can connect your support by just clicking one button on your website. With AI dialogue automation advisers could react faster and more accurately. Subscribe to Closer using NachoNacho and get 20% CASHBACK on all plans forever.


CloudTalk helps businesses of different sizes to set up and run virtual phone systems from all around the world. Typically, it’s used in sales for outbound calls and in the customer contact center for inbound calls. 2,500+ companies like DHL, Yves Rocher, Karcher, Glovo rely on CloudTalk’s supreme call quality and best-rated telephony solutions. Improve communication with prospects thanks to the integration with your existing helpdesk, CRM, and eCommerce systems. With CloudTalk you can make or receive calls anywhere you are with guaranteed latency and minimal disruption. Users can take advantage of call center and real-time analytics help you measure your customer communications and agent performance. And with native integrations to CRM, helpdesk, and business tools, you can make the most of CloudTalk without disrupting your workflow. Subscribe to Cloudtalk using NachoNacho and get 20% CASHBACK on all plans forever.


EngageBay is an integrated marketing, sales, and service automation platform for small and growing businesses. It offers all the features you need for your marketing, sales, and service on a unified platform which reduces redundancy and increases efficiency. This also includes help desk services in the form of their Service Bay tool. One of the best features of EngageBay is that it lets you sort, organize, and manage tickets all in one place. Users can answer unlimited tickets in one place, as well as create a personalized ticket view to suit their needs. The tool also offers advanced service automation tools to allow the automation of routine customer service processes and tasks. Also, create canned responses to common queries and questions to save time and increase productivity. Subscribe to EngageBay using NachoNacho and get 30% CASHBACK on all plans forever.


Erxes powers your team with a single application that does the work of five. Consolidate all your business functions into one centralized platform to boost your team’s productivity, while saving on costs. Manage your entire pipeline and ensure your customers get the support they need with a knowledge base and a messenger interface through which they can reach your team. Subscribe to Erxes using NachoNacho and get 15% CASHBACK on all plans forever.


Ochatbot is an AI Chatbot built for eCommerce websites, gathering business leads, and handling customer support. Best of all it requires no programming. How does Ochatbot work? Ochatbot engages customers and helps them find the right product, handles support questions & captures abandon carts. The reporting provides insightful marketing and sales information. Installation is simple and imports all your SKUs on setup. Subscribe to Ochatbot using NachoNacho and get 25% CASHBACK on all plans forever.