SaaS Examples: From AWS to Zeroqode Lab

What is SaaS, and what are some SaaS examples?

SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)

The term SaaS refers to a business model that offers software as a service, charging users at a fixed, repeated interval for regular access, updates, and maintenance to the service. All of this is accessible on the Cloud via the user’s Internet browser, no download needed.

A growing share of the virtual products you use are SaaS products, and many software companies value this business model over one-time charges because of its predictable, recurring revenue stream. Knowing the technical definition of SaaS and why it’s important are two big steps, but the best way to really understand the concept is by seeing some examples of SaaS companies and products!

SaaS Examples

  • Amazon Web Services
    • Information technology infrastructure services to businesses in the form of web services, including cloud computing, networking, storage and content delivery, databases, analytics, backup, storage, and archive services.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
    • A collection of over 20 desktop and mobile apps and services for photography, design, video, web, UX and more.
  • Brand24
    • A social media monitoring tool that gives instant access to brand mentions across various channels, including social media, reviews, blogs, forums, news, videos, and podcasts.
  • Documate
    • A no-code document automation software that allows a user to create custom webforms that populate information into template Word and PDF documents.
  • Freshservice
    • Freshworks’ intelligent service management solution for the modern enterprise, extending digital capabilities and delivering exceptional employee experience.
  • Homebase
    • Tools to track and manage teams with scheduling, time tracking, automated HR processes, and onboarding and communication features.
  • Kalysys
    • An all-in-one project management platform to simplify complex business processes, automating management and communication tasks.
  • NachoNacho
    • A B2B SaaS marketplace with exclusive deals on dozens of SaaS products and a platform that enables companies to manage and limit their SaaS subscriptions. The SaaS of SaaS’s, you could say.
  • Norton LifeLock
    • Comprehensive digital protection for consumers, offering device security, identity theft protection, and online privacy services.
  • Recruitee
    • An AI-powered applicant tracking system and talent acquisition platform that streamlines the recruitment and hiring process.
  • TaxJar
    • A platform that automates sales tax reporting and filing with data connections and calculations, making tax compliance effortless.
  • Wideo
    • An online platform that enables users to create, edit and share videos without prior video or editing skills, offering a library of templates and the ability to download and share videos with one click.
  • Zeroqode Lab
    • A platform for all things no-code when developing an app, including templates, courses, backends, web2native, development services, and more.
  • StartingPoint
    • A customer operations and experience platform for service-based companies and teams solving the disconnected customer experience. StartingPoint is GDPR and HIPAA compliant, can be deployed and customized within one hour, no actions take more than 5 clicks, and it is built for non-technical business leaders.