The Best Slack Alternatives

Slack has become the tool that more than 12 million people now rely on to get the workday started. It’s become a leader in the team collaboration industry by making team communication easy and boosting productivity. However, Slack isn’t for everyone. Some prefer not to pay a premium for unlimited search functionality (capped at the most recent 10,000 messages for the free version). Others are looking for a self-hosted solution, not offered by Slack, to have more control over their team’s communication. Whatever the reason, chances are you still need an affordable team chat tool during this time when remote teams are becoming more mainstream. So here are some of the best Slack alternatives out there to fulfill your team collaboration needs. 


Available On: MacOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, Web

Pricing: Free, $5 per user per month for unlimited history, integrations, and storage

NachoNacho Savings: 20% CASHBACK all plans forever

Twist is the top-rated Slack alternative. While fun at first, Slack can quickly become overwhelming. Twist is a tool for teams that prioritize focused work, structured communication and company-wide transparency. All types of communication thrive in Twist. Eliminate your team’s need to spread discussions across email and chat apps by keeping information organized and transparent in Twist.


Available On: Mac, Windows, Android, iPhone & iPad

Pricing: Free for up to 10 members, $3 per user per month for additional features and unlimited members

NachoNacho Savings: 30% CASHBACK on all plans forever

Chanty is a simple team chat for small and medium businesses as well as for big corporations. Chanty is one of the best Slack alternatives for non-tech savvy teams at work due to its simplicity, intuitive interface, and built-in features like a task manager. It offers powerful features like instant messaging, audio and video calling, file sharing, screen sharing, task management, and much more. It saves a lot of time and boosts the productivity of employees. Chanty is Slack+Trello+Zoom in one. Get your favorite features in only one app for a very affordable price.


Available On: Web, iOS, Android, Mac OS (Coming soon), Windows Application (Coming soon)

Pricing: 90-day free trial, free for up to 10 users and 10 guests, $6 per month billed monthly and $3 per month billed annually for additional features and unlimited members

NachoNacho Savings: 30% CASHBACK on all plans forever

Flujo provides a communication and collaboration suite for teams. Native features such as Calendar, Meetings, Tasks, Messaging, Notes, Kanban, Audio and Video, and more, ensure that your businesses runs on connected and productive workspaces. Flujo centralizes team-wide collaboration to save you time. Whether you’re a small local business, or have offices spread worldwide, Flujo can work wonders for your existing workflow.

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