Writing a LinkedIn Recommendation (with Examples)

So someone has reached out asking for a recommendation. LinkedIn’s recommendation feature shows us that as much as products and services need marketing, people need that too. You can write a recommendation for anyone whose work you’d like to recognize, like a colleague, employee, or employer. The recommendation recipient can choose to display it on their profile. They are the perfect sales pitch to help someone. A recommendation can open the doors of opportunity that can help people achieve their professional goals. Therefore, an excellent recommendation should have a story of the bond that made you recommend this person highlighting their personality, skills, work, and projects. Here’s a quick guide you can use for a LinkedIn recommendation that’s specific, honest, succinct, and helpful for the person you’re recommending.

How to Write a LinkedIn Recommendation

We’ve created this guide to writing a valuable and meaningful LinkedIn recommendation. The best LinkedIn recommendations follow a framework of answering these essential six questions:

  1. What was the nature of your working relationship? This sets the stage for the reader to learn why you’re writing this recommendation. Whether it’s a coworker you’ve worked closely with for years, a manager, a direct report, a point of contact at an agency, or something else entirely, this is a helpful piece of context needed in the intro.
  2. What specific contributions did they make in their role? Explaining some of the noteworthy aspects of their job is a great next step. Anyone reading the recommendation who wants to get a sense of what they did in their job will find this extremely useful. However, make sure that this does not turn into an overwhelming list of duties. You should highlight the most significant responsibilities. If they’ve worn many hats, a useful tip is to reach out to them to see if there’s a particular aspect of their role that they’d like to be highlighted over others.
  3. How have they progressed at the company? This is especially important for recommendations from an employer. Explaining how the person you’re recommending has grown in their role or transitioned from one role to another can demonstrate their ability to adapt as the company grows. Remember that you should be highlighting the significant progress the person has made more than focusing on low points in their career.
  4. How has their contribution aided the team’s or company’s growth? This could be an explanation of how their performance aided in the achievement of hard objectives, or it could be a demonstration of team leadership or the development of new initiatives.
  5. What do these achievements reveal about this person?  Now it is time to explain what the specifics of this person’s actions and achievements mean for the larger theme of your recommendation. What do the examples you’ve detailed reveal that person’s positive attributes, work ethic, and temperament?
  6. Can you add anything about working with the person on a personal level? Don’t be afraid to finish off with a mention of how you felt working with the person, your hopes for their career, or simply a prediction about their future.

LinkedIn Recommendation Examples

Here are some model examples of recommendations:

Recommendation from Employee

In the recommendation below, a person discusses how their supervisor progressed at the company and how this person mentored them so they too could grow as an employee: 

“I worked with Alex as a fellow staff writer, as a peer editor, and finally, as my team mentor as she and I started managing more blog team members at the end of 2018. Alex is highly adaptable, encouraging and supportive, and an effective leader. I learned a lot from Alex as a writer, an editor, and a manager. I look forward to seeing the team continue to grow under her vision and leadership.”

Recommendation from Employer

In this recommendation, an employer explains how an employee progressed and executed on projects that made a big impact on their company:

“Sam was very conscientious and dedicated to his work. Sam took the time to spearhead initiatives to improve the editorial process, such as creating and maintaining an editorial style sheet. Sam was able to communicate clearly to a wide array of freelancers and meshed well with a variety of in-house team members. Sam had a positive attitude and a desire to produce quality work that served him well. “

LinkedIn Tools

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