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The Benefit of Managing All Subscriptions in One Place

As part of the management team of a small business, keeping track of your company’s SaaS expenses is an important, but mundane, task. To make tracking more complicated, the larger your team is, the more software is being used to accelerate growth through the increase of productivity across all business units.

In the United States, we have seen a consistent increase of productivity over the years but this has been almost mirrored by the cost of such productivity. As more and more job functions are done through the use of a single web browser, we lose sight of the costs required to empower such productivity. An example is, as a salesperson, the use of various SaaS products such as Zoom, Salesforce, and Outlook to enable daily job functionality that are now considered a baseline for success.

Small business owners require a simplistic way to manage their ever growing use of now considered traditional software for business enablement. Whether opening a new cloud based customer relationship management (CRM) tool or incorporating accounting tools to handle income statements, keeping the costs of each software license seems nearly impossible.

What NachoNacho provides is a virtual credit card management tool that adapts to every business’s SaaS model. Through the creation of a virtual NachoCard, users have the ability to create a card for each SaaS application separately and edit their spending limit, user rights, and expiration date within minutes from a single interface.

With the ability to manage all SaaS subscriptions from one place, businesses can now work on lowering expenses by removing monthly recurring costs that have been forgotten about as they bill automatically. NachoNacho gives the ability for SMBs to manage their SaaS spend to increase their overall productivity while lowering their costs over time.

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