Use a Free Virtual Credit Card for Free Trial Period

It happens all the time: you want to use a service online but you’re suddenly stopped by a paywall. You’re offered a “free trial,” but it starts as soon as you hand over all your credit card info. It’s set up to automatically start charging you at the end of the free trial. This often takes your money long after you stopped using the trial and without your even remembering this added cost.

Free trials can be great: they give you time to explore a product and decide if you really want to continue having it, without ever needing to pay. But here at NachoNacho we believe that free trials should be exactly that- free! The burden shouldn’t be on you to monitor and cancel the free trial before a company starts automatically taking money from your credit card. The simple solution: an immediately-generated virtual credit card with an expiration date and spending limit that you can customize to your needs.

Generate the Credit Card with NachoNacho

NachoNacho offers unlimited free virtual credit cards for your use, whether it’s for automatically ending a free trial before payment kicks in or tracking and limiting your existing subscriptions. Signup is quick and easy, and as soon as you have a NachoNacho account you can start generating customized virtual credit cards for every free trial, subscription, and online expense you desire.

Unlike other platforms offering virtual credit cards, NachoNacho doesn’t charge a fee per card. Our users trust us for our security and user experience, and we even offer a Chrome extension that automatically presents card info for each time you check out online.

How to Customize a Credit Card for Free Trials

  1. Sign up with NachoNacho. It only takes a few minutes, and once you’re done, NachoNacho does all the work of filling out your personal information for every virtual credit card you create!
The "+ NachoCard" button starts the process of creating a new virtual credit card with NachoNacho.
  1. Go to the NachoCards tab in your account and click “+ Nachocard.”
The first step in creating a new NachoCard is naming it.
  1. Name your virtual credit card (“Dropbox free trial,” for example).
Add a spending limit to the NachoCard to prevent overcharging.
  1. Set the spending limit on your card and click “Done.” For a free trial, you can just set a cumulative spending limit of $1, or any sum lower than the recurring cost of the product after the free trial is over. When the free trial period ends and the first monthly/annual charge is attempted, NachoNacho will automatically prevent the charge. The free trial is really free now, and with your virtual credit card you don’t need to worry about losing any money to sneaky automatic fees ever again!
  2. You can use your card as soon as it’s generated by clicking to copy its info. You can also download the NachoNacho Chrome Extension for fast and easy access to your NachoCards whenever you check out online. On your NachoCard’s page you can customize its expiration date, write a note for your own reference, and toggle notifications so you can stay up to date on the card’s attempted transactions (and celebrate when you see that free trial period successfully end without any of your money taken!). 
  3. Last but not least, do a little victory dance to celebrate the money you’re saving with NachoNacho and its virtual credit cards. After all, that’s where the NachoNacho name comes from: “Dance dance!”