How To Activate A Credit Card

If you’re researching how to activate a credit card, you’ve acknowledged the benefits of using credit for business transactions by now. Thankfully, activation is quite straight forward once the physical card is received. Depending on your issuing company, you can either log into your account to activate or call their support team to begin using the card funds! Now that the physical card is in your possession and activated, the final question is, how to start a credit card’s usage?

For 40% of businesses, using a card to fund expenses such as subscriptions is the norm as with monthly billing, businesses can have the charges run without much interference.  This ease of activation coupled  the use of a card for subscription spend makes a very compelling use case for a business.

Where this falls short is the management of your activated card with various business transactions (such as multiple subscriptions). Who on your team will be in charge of managing the spend to ensure you are within your limit while also tracking for any random charges that need to be addressed?

Instead of  monitoring spend on your activated cards, businesses require less hours dedicated to management and more time spent on tasks that get the business closer to their goals. With the introduction of virtual cards to your firm, you enjoy the ease of activation as the card can be created, activated, and dedicated to a single subscription spend in minutes!

This ease of use has been a reality by the NachoCard. The NachoCard is a virtual card that enables users to manage their subscription spend by dedicating a single card per subscription for the business. With each NachoCard created you can set the transaction amounts, authorized users and expiration dates on a per subscription basis with the goal to lower your overall expenses.

Activate your first NachoCard today and start managing your recurring subscription spend in minutes!