NachoCard: A Privacy Credit Card

NachoNacho is all about helping users save money, find amazing SaaS products, and manage their subscriptions. But one important thing that NachoNacho’s system of virtual credit cards also does is create an extra layer of security for all transactions. Because of the way ‘NachoCards’ are set up, the NachoCard can be seen as a “privacy credit card” of sorts. Here’s why.

What Makes the Privacy Credit Card Private

A NachoCard is a virtual Visa credit card, automatically generated by NachoNacho for each specific vendor that a user subscribes to. Users connect a payment source to their NachoNacho account, create and customize a NachoCard for each recurring expense, then use the corresponding NachoCard instead of their credit card when providing payment information to a subscription vendor (the Chrome Extension makes this a breeze!).

Customizable spending limits and expiration dates on the NachoCards prevent overcharging and put the buyer in firm control of their subscription spending. And by assigning individual credit cards, NachoNacho mitigates the risk of any one vendor’s data breach. If a vendor suffers a breach and clients’ credit card info is compromised, the NachoCard designated to that vendor can be deactivated or further limited with the click of a button. That’s all- all other subscriptions and payments are completely separated from the compromised account, and the user’s main payment method never has to leave the safety of Plaid or NachoNacho.

NachoNacho’s Perks

The ‘privacy credit card’ isn’t the only perk of using NachoNacho to manage and discover subscriptions. Users also have access to a dashboard that organizes and tracks spending with graph visualizations. Businesses can add employees and assign roles, preventing repeated spending on the same SaaS product. And the NachoNacho marketplace offers an array of exclusive cashback rewards on all of its SaaS products.
You can learn more about what NachoNacho can offer you- and sign up- here.