Virtual Credit Cards for Your Free Trials

Free trials are a big motivator for users to check out new products – they take away a sense of risk associated with purchases by affording time to experiment and understand if the product fits the user’s goals. Although free trials themselves are convenient, the process of activating these comes with friction. Often, users are prompted with a mandatory form requesting payment information, putting a burden on the user to monitor and cancel their trial before being automatically charged for an extension. 

NachoNacho allows users to preserve the convenience of free trials with custom virtual credit cards. Within minutes, users can issue a new NachoCard for the specific vendor offering the trial, and copy details directly into the checkout page. NachoNacho empowers users to set customized budget limits and date restrictions, to ensure that free trials don’t unintentionally rollover into paid plans. Users no longer have to deal with tedious cancellation processes as NachoCards can be cancelled or suspended with one click. 

Sign up today and start taking control of your free trials!

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