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Introducing NachoNacho:

We offer exclusive deals on the best software tools you can’t find anywhere else, powerful virtual cards, and an online dashboard that helps users gain complete control over their expenses. NachoNacho is the new way to Manage, Discover, and Save on SaaS (with up to 30% lifetime discounts on your favorite tools).

This guide will help you maximize your savings through NachoNacho, and show you the power of using virtual cards to protect your funds. 

SaaS Marketplace

In our B2B software marketplace, we list hundreds of SaaS products in all major categories. All of the products in the marketplace have exclusive discounts, which can only be redeemed through NachoNacho. For example, you could reduce your bill with HubSpot by $18,000/year, ZoomInfo by $7,200/year, or ClickUp by 5,220/year. The total savings available in NachoNacho are $2,683,332/year (as of 9/27/23).

To redeem a discount, first, select a product from the marketplace.

Then, select the “Redeem deal” button (Highlighted below).

This will take you to your NachoNacho account to create a virtual card (if you don’t have an account yet, you can create one in seconds). The card will be created automatically for you; just click on the “Access your NachoCard now” button to see the card’s details. If you’re not an admin for your NachoNacho account, you must wait until your card is approved.

You can also add a custom spend or expiration limit to ensure you never get an unwanted charge or any free trial gets converted to a paid subscription.

After that, go to the product’s website and use the virtual card you just created to pay for your subscription. Depending on the product, there may be additional steps you need to take, but generally, this entire process of getting your promotion takes seconds.

So, why do you need to create a card?

Simple, the virtual cards allow you to easily track your spending on software and automatically apply the discount to your account with no promo codes required. It also puts you in total control of your software spend. Below, you can read how these two concepts work:

Virtual Cards

You can create unlimited virtual cards (NachoCards) for any purchase, like SaaS from the marketplace or flights and meals. These cards have a 0% interest rate, and you can issue unlimited cards with NO effect on your credit score or any report going to a credit reporting agency. This is why we need details about your companies as a part of the Know Your Customer process- To provide you access to these powerful cards.

With NachoCards, you can also earn 1.5% cashback on your transactions. This is in addition to the software deals you have access to with your NachoNacho account.

You can access your cashback ~30 days after the purchase in the cashback tab in the left-hand menu. If you have a US bank account linked, you should be able to withdraw this cashback directly into your bank account. Please note that cashback from Marketplace offers is only available to net new customers for that vendor, you can’t get cashback if you’re an existing customer.

When you use NachoCards, the whole spend management and cashback process is automated for you, explained in detail in the sections below.


You may have noticed that the promotions of the products in our marketplace offer, for example, “30% CASHBACK. All plans. Forever.” This means you will receive all that cashback every time you make a payment to a vendor in our marketplace. Most of our deals are lifetime, so that means you’ll be getting substantial cashback for life; what a deal!

You can access your rewards in the “NachoRewards” tab. You will be able to spend the rewards on anything you want through a virtual card, like any other NachoCard. 

SaaS Spend Management Platform

As mentioned before, having virtual cards allows us to help you manage your SaaS stack more efficiently. With virtual cards, you can automatically track every expense across the entire company, visualize every subscription expense, and cancel any subscription easily with one click. Plus, with custom spend limits and expiration dates, you can have complete control over your transactions and avoid any type of unwanted charges.

Now you’re in full control of your software expenses. And you can issue unlimited cards without affecting your credit score or having it reported to a credit agency. There is also 0% interest charged since the card doesn’t carry a line of credit and is pre-paid. Welcome to the new way to buy SaaS, where you get substantial cashback for every purchase while also gaining total control over your entire SaaS stack, one purchase at a time.

Give it a try! Create a free account now, or try our free virtual card creation tool.

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