How to Apply for a Business Credit Card — And Get Approved

A smartphone, calculator, pen, and credit card atop a blue surface

By Ken So Business credit cards are a crucial tool for a growing company. While small business owners may be hesitant to take on another credit risk, it can be a valuable tool to manage cash flow, track expenses, and help establish a credit history. This guide streamlines the process of applying for a business … Read more

How to Cancel Subscriptions and Get Them Under Control

A logbook of payments representing subscriptions

It seems like everything’s a subscription nowadays, from software to music to shaving razors. The rise of the subscription economy can be overwhelming for consumers, although charging for access at a recurring rate (especially when it comes to software) has benefits for both consumers and sellers. One major problem for subscribers is figuring out how … Read more

Is Plaid Safe to Use for Consumers?

The Plaid company logo within a NachoNacho frame

Plaid Popularity Plaid, a fintech newcomer-turned-behemoth, has become the go-to company connecting consumers’ bank accounts to online payments for big-name companies like Venmo, Robinhood, Coinbase (and NachoNacho!). The Plaid API adds a lot of value to both vendor companies and the buyers connecting to them, because, under the hood, it does the difficult work of … Read more

The Breakdown: Team Project Management Software


Unless you’re in business on your own, chances are you have a team or two, or three working with or around you. Meaning, a team project management software could be helpful to make sure your i’s are crossed and t’s are dotted… wait… Teams While reading one of the many informative articles featured on the … Read more

Recurring vs Reoccurring Revenue Difference

A person's hands counting dollar bills onto a desk, demonstrating recurring vs reoccurring revenue

There’s a lot of confusion online surrounding the difference between recurring vs reoccurring revenue. Most of this confusion is really just coming down to semantics: when is something ‘recurring’ instead of ‘reoccurring’? Exploring the difference takes us through both English and economics. The Financial Term ‘Recurring Revenue’ The term ‘recurring revenue’ is a common financial … Read more

Discussion: Utilizing Business Stock Photos


Our marketplace is currently filled with tons of B2B, SaaS assets. For this post, in particular, we would like to discuss business stock photos and direct your attention to the Photo and Video section! Photo Subscriptions On our B2B SaaS marketplace, you’ll have access to a new realm of subscription discovery. Included in this, is … Read more

Difference Between Secured vs Unsecured Credit Card

A hand with a credit card in it

In an increasingly digitizing and evolving market, credit cards have become more than just a tool. With most vendors accepting them and an increasing amount of business being done online, credit cards are becoming almost universal. In this NachoNacho article, we will be discussing the difference between a secured vs unsecured credit card. What is … Read more

How to Delete Subscriptions on iPhone


Have you ever wondered the following question: How will I go about deleting subscriptions I no longer use on my iPhone? If so, you needn’t for much longer, as the following article will put you in the know with handling this common pain-point. Rogue Fees Every so often, we get a bit overloaded with our … Read more

What Is a SaaS Company?

A software server in a closed glass case

SaaS stands for Software-as-a-Service, and it describes a business model that offers customers continued access to software products that are managed centrally and accessed via the Cloud. A SaaS company generally charges customers a recurring monthly or annual subscription fee rather than a one-time upfront charge, and SaaS is considered an alternative model to the … Read more

What Is the Most Liquid Asset?

Coins poured out of a jar

What is the difference between a liquid asset, and an illiquid asset? What is the most liquid asset? Why is having liquid assets on hand valuable? In this NachoNacho blog, we will delve into these terms, and help you formulate an understanding.  What is liquidity? The term liquidity refers to how quickly an asset that … Read more