NachoNacho Slack Integration

The NachoNacho Slack Integration is Here

The NachoNacho Slack integration is now live! Access our app through the Slack App directory or from the settings menu within your NachoNacho account.

NachoNacho is designed to improve subscription management for businesses through unique virtual credit cards, that are issued per subscription vendor. Account administrators are able to create unlimited Nachocards, set date and budget restrictions, and assign cards to individual team members. This offers granular control over all company expenditures, ensuring your subscription spending is always kept in check.

NachoNacho also offers a B2B SaaS marketplace where users can source new products and earn significant cashback on every product listed. Discover and save on new subscriptions by exploring the marketplace.

Spending on each subscription can be tracked directly in the NachoNacho Slack app. Real-time notification messages will be sent to the app when any transaction is made. Notifications contain detailed information including transaction status, the vendor being paid, transaction amount, name of the team member who made the payment, and name of the card being used. The integration also offers one-click access to all information in your NachoNacho dashboard.

Now you can receive notifications through email and Slack, enabling you to stay updated anywhere you are. Now all of your employees can remain informed about subscription spending without altering their workflow.

If there is ever an issue, NachoNacho’s team can be contacted directly through the Slack app at any time. Simply type and send your message, and our team will respond to the email attached to your account. Control all your subscription spending without disrupting your workflow!

To learn more about the NachoNacho integration on Slack click here.

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