5 SaaS executives share actionable tips

90% of professionals say they need to update their skills every year.

The tech world moves fast, and you have to always keep learning or risk getting left behind. In our NachoTuesday webinar series, we chat with the most successful SaaS founders and executives to shed light on the best tips for success today.

Here are some actionable insights you might have missed!

Ada Vaccaro from Bench, one of the largest bookkeeping solutions, says merchant fees and interest paid are common deductions you could be missing out on.

Collecting data is the easy part. However, you need to ensure it’s reliable, organized and used properly, according to Andrew Chen, Co-Founder of the data SaaS, Explo.

Chad Holland from Demand.Cloud gives us this great insight on getting better conversions by using account-based marketing (ABM) tactics and personalization.

We can’t forget AI. The biggest skill modern professionals have to develop. Bader Hamdan from the AI platform Vectara recommends to start by defining your ‘why’. Your objectives will guide you through selecting the best AI tools.

A text description or image can rarely beat a video when showing the capabilities of your software. Johnny Farquhar, the founder of PreviewMe, recommends making video a part of your onboarding process to make it more intuitive and easy-to-consume for users.

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