How to Protect Your Bank Credit Card in 3 Steps

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Do you send your bank card details to employees for business expenses through Slack or email? Or do you buy all tools and subscriptions for your entire company yourself?

The correct answer should be neither because these options don’t protect your company’s money, and they’re not practical.

Here’s a better idea: approve ready-to-use virtual credit cards created by your employees for business expenses. Following is how that process looks:

  1. Your employee creates a NachoCard in seconds and sets an appropriate spending limit 💳
  2. The admin receives a notification and decides to approve or reject the new card ✅
  3. After the admin approves, the employee can start using the card right away 👩‍💻

Simple as that!

By making the internal purchase process bottom-up instead of top-down with NachoNacho, you can protect your cards and get complete visibility into all corporate expenses from your NachoNacho dashboard.

You’ll never go back to the old ways again!

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