Digital Marketing Tools for Your Company

The Internet Era has ushered in huge opportunities for companies big and small to reach out to prospective customers. By choosing your digital marketing tools wisely and doing the appropriate research on which approaches are best for your industry, you can increase exposure, impressions, and sales at low cost for your business. In this blog post, we’ll take a tour of some of the latest and greatest digital marketing tools available.

Email Marketing

Email campaigns are a bedrock of many digital marketing strategies, and taking the time to find the right SaaS product to help will work wonders for your strategy. Tools like Constant Contact, Active Campaign, Moosend, Fresh Lead Finder and AWeber can organize and automate your campaigns, newsletters, responses, and more. Sendspark attracts attention and sets companies apart by recording and sharing custom videos via email.

Social Media

Unless your company is B2G or caters to senior citizens, you’ll probably want to create some sort of social media marketing strategy customized to your enterprise. And that strategy can be greatly leveraged with tools that manage all your business’ social media in one place, helping maintain an efficient process and a consistent brand image.

Social media management tools in this category include Social Champ, Crowdfire, Revealbot, and SocialPilot. There are also tools such as Publicfast, which helps brands connect with influencers to create marketing campaigns, and Brand24, which monitors all social media channels, tracking and organizing your brand’s mentions.


A less-emphasized area of marketing is chat software, which can bring in and inform prospective new customers. Some big players in this field are, Closer, Freshchat, and Topia. There are some pretty innovative ideas for direct communication with customers out there, so it could pay off to do your research on different options and try out multiple chat solutions.

Content Creation

The uber-creative side of marketing calls for the technological big guns. Insense connects companies with content creators (designers, influencers, and other professionals) to ease customized content. You can use Slidebean to create dynamic pitch deck designs and Looka to generate professional-level logo designs based on some simple information about your brand and vision. Setka is an excellent tool for centralized content editing with your team, while Opinionstage is a targeted software specifically for creating highly engaging, interactive content. Content creation should involve as many new and bright ideas as possible, and software solutions like these can help keep that flow going.

And More

Other digital marketing tools that could benefit your company include Credible for boosting social proof through customer reviews, Mailbird your email client for communication, Subscribers for bypassing the usual email method of marketing to directly reach customers with push notifications, PixelMe for customized and shortened link creation and embedding, and Landingi and Instapage for landing page platforms. Erxes,, and EngageBay offer centralized marketing platforms for overall strategy and control.

Sorting through all the digital marketing options available can take some time and thought, but it’s a worthwhile investment for speeding the growth of your business’ exposure and sales. Furthermore, you can get exclusive cashback- in some cases, up to 30%- on all of these marketing tools on the NachoNacho marketplace. To view all available digital marketing tools and more information on each product, check out the Marketing category on the marketplace. Good luck, and happy marketing!