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How Many Subscriptions Does Your Business Use?

We think it might be more than you realize.

The world is moving to SaaS. As more and more digital products migrate to a subscription revenue model, it becomes harder to keep track of it all. Vendors love to try and sign you up for as many recurring expenses as possible. When was the last time you checked your corporate card for items you no longer needed? Vendors hope that you don’t do this, and when you do, they make it difficult to cancel, burying ways to unsubscribe on their website, and enticing you with alternative options that were initially unavailable.

With NachoNacho, all this changes. You see who charges you what and when, and if you no longer need a service, you can cancel immediately without ever having to log in to your vendor. After all, isn’t the benefit of SaaS supposed to be flexibility? With NachoNacho, it’s not a false promise but a guarantee!

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