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The Best B2B Lead Generation Software

For Business-to-Business companies, lead generation looks a bit different from the typical consumer-oriented marketing tactics we see popping out on commercials or relying on flashy attention-grabbing stunts (I’m reminded of Wendy’s successful, if irreverent, Twitter marketing tactics…).

Because of its exclusive focus on other businesses rather than the average consumer, B2B lead gen often requires more – and better – information on potential customers, more toned-down messaging that centers on added value (in the form of saved time or money), and more targeted strategies that aim for stronger relationships with leads, instead of viewing them as just part of a large crowd to be manipulated.

So B2B lead generation requires an especially well-organized, well-informed, and well-implemented strategy. And that, in turn, requires software tools covering various stages of the lead generation process, from finding contacts to closing sales. This article covers the best of these B2B lead generation software tools out there, organized in order by stage. All of these products are also available (with cashback!) on the NachoNacho B2B SaaS marketplace, which can be visited and browsed on the NachoNacho homepage.

Software for collecting lead generation information

Often the first step in the B2B lead gen process is collecting information on, and finding a point of contact for, prospective leads. To get things started, companies should look at tools like SalesIntel and Leadlist, which provide databases with access to prospective leads. Leadfeeder is a B2B data tool that monitors your business’ website traffic to provide actionable information on companies looking at your product and their intent to buy. And Apollo can kickstart the process by helping you collect and verify contact information directly from LinkedIn profiles, then automate future sales campaigns. Cleverly is specifically built for LinkedIn outreach and sales generation.

Startups specifically can gain a lot from WhoKnows, a combination of lead gen services and large datasets of leads, which is driven by AI and optimized for startups. For companies that need social proof to generate more leads, Credible helps collect and communicate positive reviews by customers.

To maintain accurate and consistent information during the B2B lead generation process, businesses may consider implementing data replication solutions to ensure seamless data transfer and synchronization between different systems.

Software for reaching out and continuing through the lead gen pipeline

As B2B companies get into the nitty gritty of generating leads, some of the big guns have to come out. For following leads through G-Suite and Gmail specifically, Copper can be an instrumental multi-purpose tool for a lot of the sales pipeline. Reply is a multichannel sales engagement platform that aims to automate the simple tasks so that your company can spend more time focusing on closing deals. Another valuable marketing automation tool is User.com, aimed at boosting website engagement and conversion rate.

Some products for communicating with potential leads and guiding them towards sales or cooperation include:

  • Botco.ai: conversational AI for interacting with customers over chat
  • Ochatbot: AI chatbot specifically for eCommerce sites
  • Closer: Video calls, text chat, calendar, automated dialogue, and more, for communicating with current and potential clients
  • GetCallers: low-cost call center services
  • Hello Bar: a customizable notification bar that draws website visitors to a call to action
  • Sendspark: a unique tool for creating personalized videos for lead-generating emails

For lead generation and follow-up through email, MailMonitor can be a huge help in optimizing email campaigns and diagnosing their effectiveness. And when it comes to staying organized on leads within your team, Wingman provides pipeline visibility, enhanced communication on sales, and real-time coaching.

Software for closing leads’ sales

Tools that make purchase or signing as easy and fast as possible for customers and clients are essential to complete the process that began with the lead. This entails things like DocSales, which automates a lot of the sales process and makes dealing with documents much easier. And PandaDoc is a targeted software product for streamlining the creation, approval, tracking, and electronic signing of documents.

For a well-rounded B2B lead generation strategy that covers all the bases, read into these products and consider the high ROI they can often provide, especially if used wisely. You can view all the B2B lead generation software and sales-related products available with cashback on the NachoNacho marketplace by visiting this category page. And you can take a huge step in finding tools not just to improve your lead generation, but also to do all manner of things important to your B2B enterprise, by signing up with NachoNacho, the B2B SaaS Marketplace and subscriptions management platform.

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