Sort Out Your Subscription Sprawl

Did you ever start a free trial and forget to cancel it? Or discover duplicate subscriptions in your company? Or find unused ones that you had been paying for, for months? Or that time when an employee left your company and you never canceled their subscriptions?

One of the biggest pain points for businesses today is tracking the number of subscriptions across their teams. In fact, our data from 4,800+ customers suggests that most businesses underestimate the number of subscriptions they are actually paying for. Subscriptions are often recorded manually on a spreadsheet, and in some cases not at all; which means you may not know how much money is slipping away!

The quickest solution to this problem? Assign a separate virtual credit card (NachoCard) per employee per subscription vendor. You get maximum granularity and tight control over every vendor. You can then slice and dice the data any way you like – by vendor, by employee, by credit card, or at the company level.

If you’re a bit OCD like we are, you’ll never stop using NachoNacho!

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