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What is Subscription Addiction?

It seems like everything and everyone is moving towards a subscription model, and it’s no surprise why. Recurring revenue from monthly or annual subscriptions is highly desirable for companies who want to hold on to customers for life, not just for a single purchase. Customers benefit from this relationship too, as companies are pressed to provide ongoing support and updates to ensure a healthy relationship.

What once was simply a lucrative payment strategy has turned into a dominating trend in many different industries. Consumers can rack up monthly bills to pay for their media streaming, music streaming, or even physical products such as razor blades. The options are endless, but now customers are complaining about so-called “subscription addiction” – and who can blame them? Having such a variety can be overwhelming, and can also lead to runaway costs when the subscriptions aren’t managed well enough.

Urban Dictionary even has a posted definition of subscription addiction, describing the need to subscribe to every SaaS out there. Multiple websites have popped up that are named after the term and capitalize on the growing popularity of subscriptions.

Subscriptions can undoubtedly be a huge boon to customers. The simplified billing scheme (sign up once and then it’s just an automatic charge every month or year), the regular updates, the often free trial periods- the big shift to a recurring charge model has taken hold for many good reasons. As a go-to subscriptions management platform, NachoNacho understands the need to help users get all their subscription costs organized and under control. But NachoNacho is also a SaaS marketplace; we want to help buyers find the best products out there. If you’re feeling like you might be dealing with a ‘subscription addiction,’ perhaps the best way to get things under control is to organize all of them and keep your eyes open for the best of the best- and we can help you with that! Learn how and sign up here.

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