2024 Tech Trends From Top SaaS Founders

As the world’s largest B2B SaaS marketplace, we’re at the forefront of tech developments. These are some trends we and other founders and CEOs (featured in our webinar series NachoTuesday) are looking at in 2024.

1. AI

Obviously, the biggest trend that will continue to grow is AI. Most major SaaS tools are incorporating LLMs into their platforms. But also, an increasing number of innovative solutions are emerging from this tech. In 2024, you’re just doing extra work if you’re not using AI in a meaningful way.

For example, how can you use AI in your marketing?

According to Yarnits Founder, you can use generative AI not only in content creation but also to identify trends much quicker than a human. Also, chatbots have become much more advanced with LLMs, which means that a smartly trained chatbot can be actually helpful in moving prospects down the funnel.

Email marketing is also being completely revamped in 2024, thanks to AI.

Tools like Potion use AI to help you create personalized videos for cold outreach at scale. The Founder, Kanad Bahalkar recommends the following for improving your videos’ performance:

1. Use the prospect’s name in the intro

2. Use a personalized background like the prospect’s website

3. Add a clear CTA

2. Data

Leveraging data is even more important in 2024, considering AI can assist with finding hidden insights. These are a few thoughts from data software founders.

Steve from Kissmetrics mentions that with the current downturn in tech, it’s key to measure NRR (Net Revenue Retention) to guarantee a good product-market fit and minimize churn. Also, leverage meeting note-taking tools to identify areas of improvement.

According to the Co-Founder of Datazip, you should focus on dashboards that actually lead to decisions. Too many hours are wasted on dashboards that have no impact.

3. Tech Hiring

Your tech team can make or break your company, and nowadays, talent acquisition is extremely competitive, and it will continue to be so in 2024. Here’s what founders have to say.

Nawal from HireHunch says you should always be in hiring mode to attract the right talent in 2024. To reduce employee turnover, make sure there is a cultural alignment with your engineers.  Also, watch out for tech debt that builds over time from hiring.

Karina from Fractionals United mentions that Fractional Leaders are also on the rise in 2024. Professionals will continue looking for flexible work modalities. These individuals are different from freelancers, part-timers, or consultants. They’re essentially part of your team. Leverage a fractional leader if you want to grow in 2024 without the commitment of a full-time employee.

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