Ditch your SaaS spreadsheets, do this instead

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Let’s look at the facts: small businesses employ an average of 102 SaaS tools in their stack, while med-size businesses use an average of 137. However, 29% of companies still use spreadsheets to manage their SaaS. This increasing number of SaaS tools in organizations, plus the use of spreadsheets and other poor SaaS management practices, results in companies wasting up to 30% of their annual SaaS spend.

Where do you stack up on these stats? Which of the following sound familiar? 

  • You forget to cancel a free trial and get charged
  • You want to cancel a subscription but can’t find the ‘Cancel’ button
  • You’re still paying for products that ex-employees are still using
  • You don’t know who owns what software in your company
  • You’re paying for duplicate subscriptions
  • It isn’t easy to get an overview of your company-wide SaaS stack

Here’s where NachoNacho comes in. There is no reason for you to be in the dark about your SaaS spend. NachoNacho gives you preemptive and granular control over your SaaS spend, combined with real-time visibility. Additionally, it also helps you discover new SaaS products and buy them seamlessly from our marketplace at substantial discounts.

How you ask?

  1. Virtual credit cards with custom spend limits and expiration dates.
  2. An intuitive dashboard with real-time visibility of all your spend.
  3. A marketplace for SaaS with huge discounts.

Start managing your SaaS the right way today.


The NachoNacho Team

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