Do you have duplicate subscriptions in your company?

Hi NachoNacho Fan ,

One of the biggest pain points for businesses today is managing SaaS.  As teams grow, so do SaaS subscriptions, often leading to unnecessary duplication. Two or more people in the company subscribe to the same product separately, while a team subscription would be cheaper.

If only there was a dashboard where every team member could see all subscriptions in the whole company. This way, they can ask the account owner of an existing subscription for access, instead of buying a fresh subscription. Guess what – you have that dashboard in NachoNacho.

Thousands of companies are using NachoNacho to manage their subscription sprawl, and saving, on average, 30% of their spend.  With a separate virtual credit card issued for each subscription and assigned to any team member, you can track subscription spend in one company-wide dashboard.

Never pay twice for the same product again!

The NachoNacho Team

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