Do you want to keep your tab open or close it?

Hi NachoNacho fan,

If you’re a regular user of online software products, you have most likely used SaaS with Usage Based Pricing, whether it was called that or not. Unfortunately, while Usage Based Pricing is a growing pricing model and benefits both businesses and SaaS vendors, it can be a slippery slope. Like leaving an open tab at the bar.

Not having a fixed monthly invoice comes with its headaches. Are we in the right pricing tier? Has usage run amock? Are there cheaper alternatives?

NachoNacho eases this anxiety by having a separate credit card for the vendor, with a $ spending limit (monthly, yearly or cumulative). We can’t prevent your enthusiastic employee from over-using a product but can provide a circuit breaker to allow you to step back and re-evaluate your usage.

Time to close the tab and sign the bill?

The NachoNacho Team

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