Here’s what NachoNacho did in 2023

As the year draws to a close, we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being part of our journey in so many ways – customers, partners, well-wishers, evangelists, investors, etc. Here’s a quick recap of HUGE developments in 2023.

In a word: Loaded!

In 2023, NachoNacho dished up loads of new features, user value, and partnerships. We also helped over 20,000+ businesses bite into massive savings with our 700+ software discounts and other new features!

1. Services Marketplace: Mavens

You know NachoNacho for its hundreds of software deal listings, but now, you can also find marketing & SEO agencies, software development firms, MSPs, systems integrators, fractional CXOs, boutique law firms, accounting firms, HR consulting cos., design agencies, AI & data science consulting cos., and a lot more.

Browse, search, or filter by budget, time frame, location, skills, and software expertise and find the perfect service provider for your needs. Then, send them a message to start collaborating!

Visit the Services Marketplace >

2. 1.5% Cashback on Your NachoCard Transactions

Now, your transactions paid for with our virtual cards (NachoCards) give you 1.5% back whether the vendor is listed in our SaaS marketplace or not! This is in addition to the software discounts you can already get.

Create a NachoCard >

3. Marketplace Growth

We listed a large number of new SaaS products in the SaaS marketplace. Including FigmaGongAircallRippling, and Gusto! The total savings from the SaaS marketplace alone are now almost $3 million/year. That’s almost double from last year!

Browse the SaaS Marketplace >

4. Peer-to-peer software community for software advice: Mastermind

Before 2023, there was no centralized place where software users, companies, and service providers could interact, exchange advice, and ask questions. Now, there is Mastermind. Find the answers you need to choose your next software purchase!

Check out Mastermind >

5. Marketplace Embed

Do you want a version of our marketplace inside your website or web app? You can now. Offer all of our deals directly to your community with a single line of code. Embed our marketplace in your website, app, Notion page, Coda page, or anywhere else.

Learn more >

6. AI Software Recommendations: Shaman

Shaman, our AI-powered software recommendation engine, analyzes your current SaaS stack, your company profile, usage patterns of other companies like yours, data we get from SaaS vendors, and other publicly available information to pair your business with the best SaaS tools for your needs.

Learn more >

7. Identify SaaS Overspending: Sherlock

Time to stop overpaying for SaaS. Sherlock is your personal AI detective whose only job is to find unwanted subscriptions among all your company expenses. Simply connect your QuickBooks account with NachoNacho, and Sherlock will analyze your expenses to find unwanted SaaS. You can then migrate all useful SaaS over to NachoNacho in a jiffy.

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This is just the beginning. We’re growing fast, and we’re committed to harmonizing the SaaS and services ecosystem.

Join 20,000+ businesses already using NachoNacho to manage, discover, and get discounts on SaaS and services.

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