Still spending on ex-employees?

Hi NachoNacho fan,

Have you ever realized you’ve been paying for a former employee’s SaaS subscriptions long after they left your company? Unfortunately, it happens much more frequently than you might imagine! While you may not want to change the locks as soon as your employee walks out the door, you definitely don’t want to keep paying for their subscriptions.

With NachoNacho, you can view and manage all of your SaaS subscriptions in one place. You’ll see which subscriptions are active for former employees, and you can stop paying for all of them with a couple of clicks. Whether you have access to their accounts or not.

In NachoNacho, businesses create a separate virtual credit card per employee per vendor. So it’s easy to track who is paying for what subscription, and equally easy to stop paying for an employee or a vendor.

Click, click, DONE.

The NachoNacho Team

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