We Need to Talk (About Partnership-Led-Growth)

Did someone say PLG?

Partnership-Led-Growth is the new PLG (it used to be Product-Led-Growth). With traditional marketing and sales channels becoming less efficient and more expensive, a partnership-led-growth strategy provides a unique way to grow your business. Honestly, we rarely come across a SaaS company with no partnership-driven motion – it is simply an efficient way to leverage network effects. We know many successful companies that get up to 70% of their revenue from partnerships!

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NachoNacho is the leading B2B SaaS marketplace obsessed with all things SaaS. One of the driving factors of our success comes from amazing partnerships with leading companies like HubSpotSAPNotion, and AWS to build an ecosystem of growth. These partnerships allow us to bring together a network of organizations to share knowledge and resources, and ultimately provide a better service to our customers. Click here to see some of the ways we partner.

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