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What Is CRM Software?

CRM software is one of the biggest tools in modern companies’ toolboxes for increasing sales and dealing with clients. The acronym stands for ‘Customer Relationship Management’ and describes a centralized system for managing all interactions with customers, from customer service to marketing to sales.

CRM Software Meaning

Nowadays, these Customer Relationship Management systems generally take the form of software applications with a set of functionalities and channels of customer data/interaction. CRM software is increasingly sold as SaaS (“Software-as-a-Service”), allowing companies recurring access to updates and improvements.

Obviously, the set of all interactions with all customers is a broad category, so it helps to break down CRM into some of its main facets. One primary class of customer interaction is sales. CRM software can organize all sales information in the same place, track all interactions with prospective buyers, and automate many basic sales processes. CRM also covers customer service, and helpful software can include things like live chat features or detailed online self-service sites. And CRM software can also delve into marketing, the very first step in most customer interactions, by providing outreach features like automated email campaigns or interactive content.

And the big draw of CRM is that all of these separate processes can be brought together in one place, making it easier to view the holistic history of each customer and increasing customer satisfaction in the process.

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