"Automate Your SaaS Growth: Online event February 11-12, 2021"

NachoNacho CEO to Speak at Saas Growth Summit

In company news, we have an exciting public event coming up!

On Friday, February 12th, NachoNacho’s founder and CEO Sanjay Goel will feature as one of the speakers at User.com’s “Automate Your Saas Growth” online summit event. Goel will be sharing the virtual stage with an “unparalleled lineup of SaaS industry leaders,” including Nathan Latka (the founder of Founderpath.com), Wes Bush (CEO at ProductLed), and Asia Matos Orangio (founder and CEO of DemandMaven).

Goel will close out the two-day event as the final speaker, conducting a talk on “Acquiring SaaS Customers via Partnerships” at 3pm EST. The topic is a perfect area of expertise for our CEO, as he has spent years doing extensive outreach to fellow SaaS companies to establish bonds and put new products on the NachoNacho B2B Saas marketplace. Furthermore, before founding NachoNacho, Goel spent nearly two decades in banking and finance, and co-founded the news marketplace startup Oximity that was acquired by Scribd in 2016. 

Goel’s talk will cover lead management and explore three main categories: the indirect channels SaaS vendors are using, the sort of partnerships that are more valuable for early stage SaaS companies, and the level of necessity of sales teams. 

The SaaS growth summit aims to bring together leading experts in the tech space and share “actionable insights, data-driven knowledge, and innovative ideas” to those attending through a lineup of over twenty different talks. These talks will cover the topics of Lead Management, Marketing, Marketing Automation, Growth, and Data Structure & Enrichment. Specific sessions will delve into various concepts, including differentiation, product messaging, and message/market fit; website personalization; and customer onboarding.

Anybody interested in learning from NachoNacho’s chief executive and other industry leaders can register online for the “Automate Your SaaS Growth” summit at https://saassummit.user.com/.

Update (Feb. 16 2021): Last Friday, Sanjay Goel gave a talk on “Acquiring Saas Customers via Partnerships” as part of the Saas Growth Summit. Watch the full video below:

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