NachoNacho has been featured in the Top 100 SaaS Black Friday Deals

NachoNacho in Top 100 SaaS Black Friday Deals

NachoNacho has been featured as one of the products on Nathan Latka’s Mega List of 2020 SaaS Black Friday Deals. This list is the most comprehensive of its kind, with a hundred tried and tested products made to catch any entrepreneur’s eye. 

The list is put together by the team at the GetLatka Blog, a well-known and trusted entity that is focused on B2B SaaS related happenings. The Latka audience is composed of predominantly smaller companies – including VC backed, as well as pre-seed, pre-MVP projects, and entrepreneurs – and curates its content with the specific needs of this audience in mind. 

The Black Friday Deals list includes bigger players in the SaaS space who have been around for years, as well as up and comers with unique value-propositions. The products included span across all company functions, empowering readers with the ability to earn deals on an entire technology stack! 

Some familiar faces

Known for its SEO optimization tools, SEMRush supercharges any marketing strategy with the right search-engine insights. Additionally, SEMRush stores and provides rich data on online behavior to some of the largest global media outlets. 

Canva provides an intuitive tool for design work. Regardless of prior experience, anyone can produce beautiful, professional-grade designs. Canva offers a free tier with access to some of its core features. 

Joining the no-code revolution, Webflow helps users create professional websites with a visual editor. Simply drag, drop and bring any vision to life. Webflow also helps businesses launch with reliable hosting services. 

Ones to watch 

HelloBar boosts lead generation with a notification bar for any webpage. This simple and powerful tool converts more visitors into customers and drives revenue. HelloBar ensures that you instantly engage all your visitors. 

Managing subscriptions comes with many pain-points. NachoNacho solves these problems by helping users consolidate and control all subscriptions using virtual credit cards. The key is to issue a separate card for each subscription vendor, with custom limits set per card. 

Additionally, NachoNacho offers a B2B SaaS marketplace. Every product listed comes with significant cashback deals exclusive to NachoNacho users. Over 2,600 businesses are saving up to 30% on subscription spend with NachoNacho. 

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