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NachoNacho in the News and on the Rise

NachoNacho is soon to be the fintech name on everyone’s lips; but right now it is all over digital print. This past week, NachoNacho was a hot topic featured twice by the top venture-backed accelerator, The Alchemist Accelerator, and by the Cloud Software Association, in an article written by our CEO Sanjay Goel. The articles span the breadth of NachoNacho’s founding, growth, and present as an innovative SaaS marketplace. 

To learn more about NachoNacho and its non-conventional beginnings check-out the featured articles below:

In, Alchemist: Founder Stories, hear the exciting origin of how the founder and CEO of NachoNacho Sanjay Goel got to where he is today and how the “dance-worthy” NachoNacho will soon be the Amazon of B2B SaaS.

NachoNacho—A One-Stop-Shop for Buying and Managing SaaS, delves into the background of NachoNacho including the partnership between adrenaline-seeking serial-founders Sanjay Goel and Alan Szternberg; the important problems it solves for SMBs; and its exciting partnerships with big-name brands.

Last but not least, in Bootstrapping a SaaS marketplace without billing integration, learn about the problem-solving idea behind the company in the very own words of the founder and CEO, Sanjay Goel.

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