NachoNacho Raises $3 Million in Seed Funding

We founded NachoNacho to address the problems facing businesses and SaaS vendors participating in the subscription economy. Having found excellent product-market fit on both sides (SaaS buyers and SaaS vendors), we are now moving to the next phase of our mission – scaling. To this end, we are pleased to announce a $3 million financing round. The round will help us hire more rock stars in our team and build out more products and features to address the needs of our users.

AltaIR Capital led the round with contributions from Moving Capital (Uber Alumni), PMC-SXSW, S16VC, and various other high-profile investors. Many of our investors have held senior positions in different successful tech companies, including Airbnb, Doordash, LinkedIn, Uber, and Zoom. Others are part of various startup ecosystems like Alchemist, Y Combinator, and 500Startups. Some have a finance background, having worked at banks like Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank. Our investors have invested in highly impactful startups, including marketplaces (Bolt, Deel, snappr, OpenWeb, Turing), fintechs (Lily), and B2B SaaS companies (Hopin, Intercom, Krisp, Localize, Miro, PandaDoc, Socure). This robust ecosystem of investors will be a crucial asset for NachoNacho as we continue to expand.

Our mission is to help millions of businesses who have long been frustrated by the process of managing SaaS subscriptions independently. Additionally, they save costs by purchasing SaaS products from our marketplace at substantial discounts. This makes SaaS products attainable and easy to manage for all those who need them. At the same time, we will help tens of thousands of SaaS vendors reduce their CAC and reach their best customers efficiently. 

The greatest reward for our team is the joy we create for our customers by showing them ways to manage and buy SaaS that was not possible even a few years ago. This helps unlock productivity for businesses, which is our ultimate vision.

We are humbled by the belief our investors have put in us. While we don’t consider a funding round a measure of success in itself, it is an important milestone, enabling us to accelerate our growth and revolutionize the SaaS industry.

We thank the entire NachoNacho community of users, investors, and well-wishers for your support. Stay tuned for more company updates and announcements in the future!

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