Discussion: Utilizing Business Stock Photos

Our marketplace is currently filled with tons of B2B, SaaS assets. For this post, in particular, we would like to discuss business stock photos and direct your attention to the Photo and Video section!

Photo Subscriptions

On our B2B SaaS marketplace, you’ll have access to a new realm of subscription discovery. Included in this, is the category pertaining to photos and videos… Here, your business will expose itself to a few content managing services that provide exciting methods of photo editing and display. We understand that it can be challenging to continue to produce new eye-catching content on a daily basis, so providing categories like this, is a step in the direction we are currently taking to help!

Stock Photo Editing

If you have piles of company logos (or emblems) without backgrounds, learning a thing or two about editing could very well be your solution. While daunting at first, photo editing can be a quick fix to a lot of content roadblocks that can arise while on the job. So, refreshing content that can appear similar will keep users engaged and coming back.

Picture Perfect

Worrying about providing users with visual content is a very real part of day-to-day ops. As a result, content teams have started utilizing business stock photos more and we would like to keep you in-the-know about a few ways you can, too.

Not every photo on your website has to be completely original. In fact, websites like Adobe Stock and YaY Images are a few powerful tools that can help your business find, implement, and predict the best images for your brand. 

Adobe Stock and YaY Images both provide users with royalty-free stock photos on a daily basis! Making the hunt for new and exuberant content less time-consuming than ever before. And, Shotzr’s image intelligence platform provides data-driven tools to allow you to use the best photo for the right period in time. All of the photo and video tools that are listed on our marketplace were done so with your business in mind. We look forward to helping you as much as we can along your SaaS journey.

Below is what they look like on our marketplace:

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