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The Best HR Software for Small Businesses

Software tools to aid in Human Resources are especially important in the pandemic era, when face-to-face interaction is difficult and HR officers need all the help they can get. As Tracy Brower writes in Forbes, HR departments are in the best position to be forward-thinking and adapt to the ‘future of work,’ communicating new company strategies to employees and developing focused team leaders able to adapt to WFH set-ups.

Thankfully, NachoNacho has established connections with some of the best HR SaaS products on the market, helping the process along from recruiting to time tracking and employee development. Here’s a brief look at the best HR software for SMBs.

  1. 15Five: A people and performance management platform with weekly check-ins, continuous feedback, OKR tracking, recognition, 1-on-1s, 360-degree reviews, engagement, the ‘Best-Self Academy,’ and transformational services.
  2. Attuned: An employee analytics platform that uses individual motivational profiles to visualize intrinsic motivation and team culture, providing invaluable data for recruiting, onboarding, and engagement. 
  3. Breezy: An end-to-end software software that simplifies the recruitment process with automation, a Chrome extension, custom pipelines, team-wide scorecards, and easy SMS/email/link scheduling solutions.
  4. Buddy Punch: An employee time tracking tool that acts as a modernized punch card system. Includes automated timesheets, a consolidated view of employees’ overtime and time-off requests, and detailed reports generated in seconds.
  5. GetCallers: Outsourcing for businesses looking to grow operations, providing remote outbound/inbound callers, virtual assistants, and appointment setters at low prices.
  6. Homebase: Scheduling, time tracking, onboarding, and communication tools that make it easier to run a business and manage employees wherever they are. Features include team-wide schedules, automated time-clocks, job posting, applicant tracking, comprehensive onboarding, and a built-in message system with reminders and notifications.
  7. Recruitee: A talent acquisition platform with an AI-powered applicant tracking system that simplifies hiring. Recruitee offers tools focused on team collaboration, smart workflows, and creating scaling structures.
  8. VIVAHR: A software solution devoted to making job listing and hiring processes more efficient in the remote era with quick-and-easy template listings, automatic posting to multiple job boards, and a centralized database of applicants for team-wide notes and deliberation.
  9. WorkBright: A 100% remote onboarding software that speeds up paperwork and reduces overhead, prioritizing efficiency, versatility on mobile and all other devices, and data privacy/protection.
  10. Grove HR: A free forever HR platform that provides a full employee lifecycle solution from recruitment, onboarding, to employee management, payroll and time attendance. Grove HR is available on both desktop and mobile for instant access and convenience.
  11. Teamsense: This is a platform that connects all employees and contractors through text. Send feedback forms, send messages in bulk, do check-ins, and more. This way, you can improve your team’s collaboration and communication.

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