7 Essential Project Management Tools

Modern teams require modern tools to organize and complete their business’ day-to-day tasks and larger endeavors. Read up on these industry-leading software tools that aim to improve your project management processes.


Flujo is a communication and collaboration suite that focuses on flow. It allows users to have one-one-chat and video calls with teammates, create unlimited numbers of teams for focused discussions with teammates and invited guests, create threads and search across messages, schedule meetings with a natively-built calendar store unlimited files with a native drive of 100GB per user, track and manage projects with native Kanbans, take notes and quickly share them with teams, and directly receive notifications in teams by connecting favorite apps like Github, Bitbucket, Jenkins, and more.


Streamline productivity with Hive’s AI-powered software, which aims to facilitate the management systems that work best for individual teams. Hive centralizes project management with forms, templates, proofing, approvals, and automation, and allows users to access all their integrated data in one place (with additional Hive analytics). 


Simplify complex business processes and automate your team’s management and communication tasks with Kalysys’ all-in-one platform, optimized for the user’s specific industry. Clients can book directly from the business’ website with Kalysys’ setup; users can automate appointment/meeting reminders; records can all stay in one simple and customizable system; and video calling is easy with Kalysys’ integrated conference feature.


This tool lets teams create and shape workflow apps (code-free) to best fit their project, whether small-scale or enormous. Monday.com features real-time notifications on a team’s work progress; high-level dashboards; a choice of Gantt charts, timelines, kanbans and other task management systems; intelligent automations; and customizable templates for a wide variety of different projects.


PandaDoc is a project management tool specifically for improving document workflow. Its system makes it easy for teams to keep their documents on-brand and compliant, offers convenient and legally binding eSignatures, and allows for custom approval workflows to keep the process running smoothly and quickly.

Setapp for Teams

Setapp for Teams is another targeted project management tool; it provides an organized platform with access to dozens of high-quality Mac apps for any task (productivity, design, task management, and more), all for a single Setapp subscription. Improve team productivity with two-click member addition, app consolidation, and easy discovery of new tools through the Setapp Explorer.


Todoist gets all your team’s tasks and projects completely organized. This tool has collaborative features for teams as well as a separate product, Todoist Business, that’s more targeted towards collaborative project management. Use things like a well-organized ‘activity stream,’ customizable views of tasks, productivity analytics and visualizations, and ready-made templates for common projects to better stay on top of individual and team projects.

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