SaaS Subscription Management

How Should You Manage Your SaaS Subscriptions?

If you run a business, you probably deal with a whole tangle of Software-as-a-Service subscriptions: Square, Google G Suite, Adobe Creative Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Slack, Wix, and so on. Managing these recurring expenses can be a huge endeavor, and manually typing it all into a spreadsheet that has to be continually updated often just adds more work without actually solving the problem.

In addition to offering a B2B SaaS marketplace and connecting vendors and buyers, NachoNacho also puts a primary focus on helping SMBs manage all of their SaaS subscriptions with one easy-to-use app. It’s a single dashboard to view all subscriptions, place charge limits on individual ones, cancel or freeze subscriptions with one click, and more. Let’s take a closer look at how this subscription management works.

Subscription Management with the NachoNacho application

NachoNacho uses a system of virtually-generated Visa credit cards to organize users’ subscriptions. Instead of the usual process of inputting their business credit card information at a subscription ‘checkout,’ a user will utilize NachoNacho to immediately create and name a ‘NachoCard’ designated for that specific subscription’s use. 

With this system, NachoNacho can intelligently organize all SaaS subscriptions, displaying to a user each one’s charges over time and enabling instant cancellation and control of all expenses in the same place.

Companies using the NachoNacho application can add employees and incorporate them under the same company account, allowing consolidation and further control over the many subscriptions within the workplace. Employees can receive various levels of authorization to create and manage subscriptions.
Unlike other, less-targeted solutions, NachoNacho is singularly focused on SaaS subscription management. Our aim is to make it as simple, easy, and cheap as possible to get your business’ recurring software expenses under control and keep a firm grip on how much money is going where. You can find out more about NachoNacho’s SaaS subscription management system, and get started with a NachoNacho account, here.